Prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving are the three things Our Mother Church teaches us to do during Lent. And in the name of Jesus, I wonder if you can share these with us this Lenten Season by praying for the more than 20,000 children under our care who were once victims of poverty, malnutrition and exploitations in different countries. Please pray for the Sisters of Mary whose loving care gives them quality education and hope for a bright future. Share this Lent with us by your little daily sacrifices offered for this work of charity so needed in the world and in the Church. The Sisters also need your financial support to keep this flame of love alive. Love is giving and appropriately during Lent, you have this opportunity to give and share your blessings to the most needy who, like our Lord Jesus, carry their crosses silently. Will you be the one to open your heart and be united with us in this mission? Will you kindly help us to spread the word to others? Pray and share whatever your heart dictates. And Lent will be for you a true preparation for the Resurrection of our Lord in the poor! God bless you! Sister Elena Belarmino SM Superior General of the Sisters of Mary Let us serve the Lord with joy!

Lenten Message

During Lent, we start a period of reflection and, for many people, take the chance to give up something until Easter. The ability to give up a luxury is especially poignant when we reflect on how many poor children and their families do not have enough. They are deprived of essentials that we take for granted.

Will you remember the children and their families who struggle to access food on a daily basis this Lent?

End of Lent message 2024