June has been an exciting and productive month for our children thanks to you. They have been focused on challenging themselves in local and national competitions, learning the skills they need to protect the environment, getting ready for the world of work and the poorest boys of Tanzania came one step closer to a place at our new school.

A group of nuns moving bedding and a plastic table into a room

Dodoma, Tanzania

Progress at the new boys’ school in Dodoma continues and the Mother Michaela’s Hospitality building reached 80% completion and was ready to welcome the sisters who will be working there. Although not completely finished the sisters are happy to transfer to this building after five months of renting a nearby house. It is also a strategic move as now they are on the construction site the workers are encouraged to work harder to meet the schedule for the construction!

There are eight sisters who will care for the children in Dodoma. Sr. Theresa, from the Philippines, is the superior, to be assisted by Sr. Clara who will be helping in the clinic, Sr. Angela who will be in charge of catering and nutrition for the children, and Sr. Margie who will assist in academic and vocational matters. The school is expected to be fully operational by the last week of August 2023, and will initially accommodate 160 children.

A group of girls in football kit wearing medals posing for a team photo

Sport and Academics

As they grow in confidence, the children at school around the world, are keen to test themselves against their peers and June saw lots of sporting achievements. In Honduras our girls’ football team (right) and basketball team (below) from Tegucigalpa were thrilled to be crowned national champions. The boys’ basketball team (below) from Amarateca came in second in the men’s national championships.

They also maintained their focus on academics with Zona 13 Girlstown in Guatemala enjoying lots of interschool competitions and  they were delighted to welcome the Guatemalan Education minister, visiting to celebrate the progress of the girls.

In Talisay and Adlas, Philippines, the children triumphed in the regional Technolympics category and technical drafting, the girls took first place with the boys taking third.

Thanks to you, the children at our schools have the freedom and opportunity to live a healthy and active life. We hope that you are proud of their achievements.

A boy is being instructed in machine use

Work Experience

June also saw some of our students completing their on the job work experience (OJT). These work experience days are vital in our children’s journey to self-sufficiency and a better life. The experience allows the children to utilise their new skills and to learn about the world of work.

In Guadalajara, Mexico, the boys were given the opportunity to gain practical work experience at a number of local companies and this experience will serve them well for the future.

The excellent vocational training provided for all of our students sets them up for final employment and means that they have a head start on securing good jobs in the local economy.

Two boys and a woman planting a tree

Re-forestation and protecting the planet

Last month we spoke of Arbour Day in Amarateca, Honduras. In June it was the turn of our children in Adlas, Philippines and the boys in Zona 6, Guatemala to take part in re-forestation, planting new trees and carrying out other activities designed to protect the planet.

Events like these help our children feel closer to the environment while also doing a service for the wider area, reforestation projects can help to combat climate change and increase biodiversity, two key threats to the impoverished peoples of the countries where we work.

A student hugging two female family members

Visiting Day in the Philippines

The children at the Philippines schools were particularly excited this last month as they held visiting day at their schools.

Thousands of family members joined their children at the schools in Biga and Adlas. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to share their progress and celebrate their success and for the families to spend time with their loved ones, meeting their teachers, Sisters and their friends.

The graduates are a vital support during these days, giving up their time to help the Sisters to cater for the families and to ensure the day is a joy for all involved.