girl takes an entrance test with a sister

Kisarawe Girlstown, Tanzania

July has been a busy month for the children at our schools around the world.

In Kisarawe, two of our girls were chosen to participate in a National football competition and the school was privileged to receive a visit from Cardinal Tagle.

The Kisarawe region holds a mock examination for its students each year and seven of the top ten participants in this year’s round of exams came from our school, which is an incredible achievement for our girls.

In July the Sisters reached Kagera and Mwtara regions in their community work. They met thousands of prospective students desperate for a place at school and the chance of an education. With sufficient funding, we hope to welcome the most deprived girls into our schools in January next year.

Two girls currently in Form Three at our School, Adventina, and Winifreda, participated in a regional singing competition. Each girl composed her own song and recorded it. They were so excited to take part and sound great. You can listen to Adventina singing in the video below.

groupd of children in traditional Mexican dress at graduation ceremony


In Guadalajara Boystown, Chalco Girlstown, and Chalco Day-Care, the secondary and younger children were thrilled to finish their school year and complete their studies. Graduation ceremonies were held for each of the schools.

At the Boystown and Girlstown 

290 boys graduated from Guadalajara and 520 graduated from Chalco.

The boys and girls are qualified, confident and ambitious for work, over 100 of the boys are already employed locally and many have set up their own small businesses. The alumni in Mexico have been particularly busy this month in helping these graduates to connect with new roles.

In Chalco Day-Care 

90 kindergarten children completed their final year of kindergarten and they are now ready to move on to primary school.

Sister talking to small girl eating food

Sao Paulo Day Care, Brazil

In July, the Sisters in Sao Paulo resumed their community work in the area to identify young pre-school children in need of early learning and day-care places. The area has been deeply impacted by the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and families are unemployed and in deep poverty – their youngest children are particularly affected.

In each area, the Sisters visited the children’s homes and spoke to their parents to assess the needs of each one.


Pictured to the left is Isabella, one of the candidates for day-care. Living with her parents and grandparents in a small rented house, only her father works and so there is no money for her early education. A place in the day-care will provide her with the essential early learning and stimulation she needs for her development as well as regular meals to help her grow and ease the pressure on her family already struggling to feed her.

boys playing indoor volleyball

Adlas Boystown, The Philippines

In the Philippines, the summer months at school are always busy with exams graduations and On the Job training.

The Grade 12 boys took part in an assessment of various trade areas including: welding, engineering, mechanics, and drafting and in July, 375 boys graduated from Adlas, ready to move into work or further study.

Minglanilla Boystown

The Boystown volleyball players competed with the City of Naga Volleyball Association (CONVA) in a friendly game as part of a Grassroot Clinic to help improve their skills and performance.

In July, 390 boys graduated from Minglanilla ready for work and/or further study.

Girls in garden in Philippines

Biga Girlstown, The Philippines

The Grade 12 girls took part in interviews for on the job training after they leave school and 549 final year girls graduated from Biga Girlstown ready for work.

Talisay Girlstown

In Talisay, the girls kept busy in their spare time helping to support the food budget and harvested corn from their garden. They also participated in an Aloysian Sports festival.

560 girls also graduated from the school in July to go on to work or study further.

Boys holding ears of corn in field
Our children harvesting corn in Amarateca, Honduras.

Amarateca Boystown, Honduras

The boys are developing their agriculture skills and are keen gardeners. Their crops are improving every month, including beans and pineapples. In July they were able to harvest corn this will support the Sisters’ meal planning and food budget for feeding all the boys.

Tegucigalpa Girlstown

At the girls school, the children were happy, active and thriving at school. They were thrilled to be come in first place in the district football competition.

boys on stage at an English spelling bee

Zona 6 Boystown, Guatemala

In Zona 6, the Tio Juan Foundation provided a free dental check-up for all the boys.

The boys also participated in an English spelling competition and completed their National Mathematics and Spanish exams.

Zona 13

In Zona 13, our girls are studying hard, enjoying their opportunities at school. Thanks to the recent construction of a well, they will soon have easy access to safe water on the school grounds for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. The girls are helping us with fundraising for a submersible pump to complete the project, and bring safe, clean water to the school before the dry season hits. You can watch Yamira from Zona 13 show the well site here.

Adventina's song