Three women, one a nun standing in front of a wooden fence
Madalena (right), one of our new students, when she first met the Sisters, Brazil 2022

Welcoming new children

This January new boys and girls were welcomed into our care at our schools in Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil and Tanzania.

The Sisters met these children during their community work in October and November last year. From the most remote and deprived regions of the world, these are the children who have had the most difficult start in life. They live hungry and neglected and with little hope of a better future without the help of the Sisters.

Of the many thousands of children in need of a place, supported by the kindness of our friends and donors, we were thrilled to welcome 1283 of these boys and girls and bring them safely into our care.

Girl sitting in classroom
Madalena, far right, now safe at our school and thriving

New girls in Brazil

The new boys and girls included 183 of the poorest girls in Brazil who started the new term on 7th January at Brasilia Girlstown. They come from the most deprived communities in the North East of Brazil where they face extreme neglect, abuse, and hunger.

On arrival with us, like all our new children, the girls had health checks and medical support and received their clothing, school uniform, shoes and supplies for school. The children were so thrilled to have their own belongings for the very first time and we are so delighted to be able to welcome them.

Over a month on, and with a regular and nutritious diet, these girls are now settling into school, making new friends, thriving, learning fast and finally excited and hopeful for their future.

students learning nursing on a CPR doll

Focusing on technical training

In our care, the poorest boys and girls around the world gain a good quality academic education but our focus is always on equipping the child ready for employment so they can become independent and support their families and communities.

To ensure this, we use your funds to provide a wide range of vocational/technical training which is nationally accredited in each country and targeted to jobs available locally.

Technical training subjects in our schools are extensive and range from Bread and Pastry production through Solar Panel installation to technical drafting and driving and everything is focused on providing the children with relevant employable, skills.

Here alongside is a photos of our girls at Brasilia Girlstown learning nursing in their technical training in January.

Five boys standing outside in school uniform, the middle boy is holding an award
Minglanilla Boys Winning the Vegetable Gardening Contest Jan 2023

Thriving at school

In January and early February, the children in our other schools around the world continued to study hard and thrive in and out of their lessons.

The girls football team in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, competed in the International schools football competition,  Annie, our 4th year student at Zona 13 Girlstown Guatemala represented the school in the National Level Children’s elections and our girls and boys in the Philippines worked hard and competed enthusiastically. They won 26 medals in the Division Festival of Knowledge (Adlas) and were overall champions in the Vegetable Gardening contest (Minglanilla).

boys standing in red shirt outdoors in Honduras

Meet Frandi, a new student in Honduras

Frandi joined our school for boys in Amarateca, Honduras in January. One of a total of 346 new children accepted into our schools in this country thanks to your generosity.

He had a very difficult start in life, his mother died when he was just five. He tried his best to earn a little money doing building work. But he was too young, his health suffered and he was constantly hungry and malnourished. We are so relieved to be able to welcome him into our care.

On arrival with us Frandi was overwhelmed he says “the opportunity to be here at the school gives me light from my past experience – I’m so happy, I can study well and have a better future. Thank you so much for all those who are in contact with us through your donations. May God continue giving you blessing and to all your family.”

Sister Teresa in high vis helmet and vest with construction workers in Tanzania

Dodoma Boystown, Tanzania construction progress

Thanks to your support work is now commencing on 12 hectares of land gifted to the Sisters of Mary by the authorities in Tanzania for a new school for boys.

In January, the Sisters were able to survey the land and begin planning and building the perimeter wall to surround the site.

With your help, they are hopeful that the first 160 boys will be welcomed later this year. If you would like further updates or details about how you can help us with this project please call 0207 629 3050.