group of children holding solar lamps
Kisarawe girls take part in a solar lamp competition in Tanzania, 2018.

Green skills for a more sustainable future

The technical skills we teach at our schools are aimed at securing a financially secure and sustainable future for every child in our care and filling skill needs in local economies.As green, or environmentally conscious, technologies grow, the need for people with the skills to engage with these technologies is growing and so it is a focus for our teaching.

Green skills are defined by the United Nations as “knowledge, abilities, values and attitudes needed to live in, develop and support a sustainable and resource-efficient society”. Even if our children pursue an occupation after school that is not in one of these areas, they are instilled with an appreciation and responsibility for their environment and the knowledge to make environmentally sustainable decisions in their work.


Group of girls learning electrical skills

Empowering children to make sustainable change

Our education programmes exist to empower the poorest children to make long term, sustainable change in their lives and the lives of their families and communities. The subjects  we teach at the schools enable our children to participate fully in society. They are educated with the practical skills needed in the local economy and encouraged to pursue careers which will support them, realise their passions and give them agency to make a better world for others.

Bringing solar power to Tanzania communities

Solar power as an alternative energy source is growing around the world and so too in Tanzania. With the country having huge potential to reach a higher level of renewable energy from solar power, there are opportunities for skilled youth to find meaningful occupations helping the country reduce dependence on fossil fuel energy. This leads to a cleaner environment. In poor rural areas where energy providers have no infrastructure to supply energy to rural communities, solar power can (quite literally) empower whole communities. So our children in Tanzania and around the world learn electrical and solar panel installation at school and the other key practical skills which will help their families and their communities and provide them with good jobs into the future.

A group of boys and a nun standing in a vegetable garden

Sustainable agriculture skills

The good health of the children at our school is at the heart of our work and for that they need a healthy diet. In all of our school programmes around the world, the Sisters emphasise healthy eating. Each school grows food on a small scale, in an effort to keep food costs lower, educate children around organic farming practises, give them a healthy activity to take part in, and use every resource to the best of their ability.

Many of our children decide to pursue careers in agriculture but even for children who don’t, this connection with the earth and the practical insight and involvement with how our food is produced instils in every child a deep love and appreciation for the environment around them, encouraging them to make decisions in life that sustain and protect the environment.

Children will guide our next steps in protecting our environment

The children in our care now will drive change and be a big part of continuing to make our world a better place. They are the future leaders in business and their knowledge of, and attitude to, driving green technologies and practises will shape the activities that conserve and protect our planet for the future. From small scale environmentally conscious farming to driving change in large companies, our children are the future of a healthy planet and we are equipping them to face the challenge.