young nurse in blue scrubs in an operating theatre wearing a medical mask
Daiane in theatre

Our nurses, our future

On International Nurses’ Day, we shine a light on the contribution of the world’s nurses and celebrate all the boys and girls from our programmes who find their vocation and dedicate their lives to a career in nursing.

Nursing is a lifelong commitment and a career which provides selfless care to others. Nurses are essential for the health and welfare of society and provide a source of compassion and care for the most vulnerable.

The values that the Sisters instil in our children at school lead many of the children to choose nursing as a career, a choice that stems from gratitude for the care they have received at school and a deep desire to give back and help others – to make life better for those in their community.

In Brazil, at Brasilia Girlstown, nursing is taught as part of the vocational education every girl receives. There are good job opportunities in the nursing sector allowing our children to contribute to society and build careers to secure their futures.

three nurses in pale blue scrubs and medical caps smiling at the camera
Daiane at work with her nursing colleagues.

Vocational nurses classes in Brasilia Girlstown

Daiane is one of the children from our school in Brasilia who used the skills taught on our vocational nursing course to become a full time nurse. She is now part of the future of nursing, helping to care for those in need in her community, addressing global health challenges and improving health for all.

Vocational education as a route to sustainable employment

The Sisters of Mary are careful to assess the skills-needs of the local economy in each of our countries, to ensure that there are jobs for the children when they leave school. In Brazil, nursing and dentistry are vital sectors needing skilled and compassionate employees. With accredited training at the school our children are able to embrace the chance to contribute and regularly progress into employment in both occupations. Our nursing graduates had a particularly vital role to play nursing on the front line during the Covid -19 pandemic and the children continue to graduate into these occupations as an opportunity for sustainable employment.

Daiane's story

Daiane’s Story

Vocational Education in our programmes

What is Vocational education?