a girl in class holding up a red biology book and smiling at the camera

Children who can read well, learn well

Books open up a whole new world to children. They spark the imagination and fuel a passion for learning. Without the ability to read, children cannot learn in school and their academic prospects are limited. Most children living in poverty will never own their own book.

With books, children can learn, grow, discover more, teach themselves, and be empowered. Lack of access to books and quality education is a driving factor behind learning poverty in poor communities.

Reading is a foundational part of a child’s early education. Many of the children who come to our schools are significantly behind in reading for their age, and struggle with comprehension, communication, writing and use of vocabulary.

two nursery girls in light blue t-shirts sit and read books in a classroom in brazil

Reading for resilience

By providing reading books, reference books, and textbooks, you can empower our children with knowledge. Reading helps bridge the gap between poor quality education and poverty, and children who have the skills needed to thrive in education and excel in their classes.

Children who can read well, learn well, and they can achieve far more. They are more resilient to poverty and have more opportunities than their peers who cannot read. When you enable children with literacy, you empower them for an independent future.

Help give children books

This International Children’s Book day, help give children who come from severe poverty books to ignite their passion for reading and learning.

  • Reading books for the library
  • Reference books for the library
  • Textbooks for the classroom

“Children need to learn to read so that they can read to learn”

"Will every child be able to read by 2030?" - The World Bank