five schoolgirls holding new clothes and shoes alongside a nun

Giving to World Villages for Children as part of your philanthropic aims

Giving a philanthropic gift to support the education of poor children in our charity programmes around the world is a unique and rewarding opportunity to change the lives of the most vulnerable children, their families and communities.

Your support will help to provide inclusive and equitable education for boys and girls at the Sisters of Mary schools in the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil or Tanzania. Children who are the most deprived in the world. Who lack food, safe shelter, healthcare and the protections and opportunities provided by school. Who struggle to survive, experience difficult early years and face a future just like their past, limited and without hope.

A nun sits at a desk with a child heling them to write in a run down classroom in Tanzania
Sister Neema sits with a child during a community visit in Tanzania to find children in need of an education

Do you want to be a catalyst for change?

Like you, we are passionate about education as a long-term solution to poverty. Every child in our care is given a  quality education and the nurturing needed to help them grow strong and thrive. Our education programmes are  nationally accredited, proven solutions operating at scale in the poorest regions. When we are able to welcome one child into our schools it is not just their lives that will be transformed, but generations of their families and communities, multiplying the impact of your gift.

We value transparency and efficiency. We scrutinise expenditure to ensure funds are used at the schools as intended and that together we provide the best value for our supporters’ investment. It costs only just over £1,000 to fund one child at our programmes for a year.  The programmes operate sustainably, using strategies to preserve the use of the planet’s resources and operating efficiencies which optimise budgets. For more on sustainability and how World Villages for Children works towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, click here.

two girls in blue school uniform with a microscope in class in Tegucigalpa Honduras
Two girls in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in a science class

The impact you will have

We ensure the highest standards of safeguarding for the children in our care and maintain constant contact with the programmes to monitor this.

We have built world-wide networks of graduates from the programmes whose lives have been transformed because of the generosity of supporters like you. These graduates are motivated to support the Sisters and us, to provide for the next generation of children in need.

Your philanthropic gift will have a profound and lasting impact on the relief of poverty for the poorest children.

Each year we welcome nearly 20,000 of the poorest children into our schools. So far, with the generous support of our donors, we have been able to transform the lives of over 167,000 of these children born into poverty as they progress into work and independent life, but thousands more lives have been touched by the impact of this support.

Your gift will help us reach out to more deprived children, to create a safe future for them by funding more school and nursery places, paying for more teachers and staff and providing the vital everyday needs like books and food to support the children.

Large group of girls in uniform in Mexico in a school ahll, hands raised up over their heads in celebration during Christmas 2022

Visit our programmes

Visits to the programmes have made a lasting impact on our philanthropic supporters. Seeing the true scale of the work, the dedication and economy of the Sisters, and the children thriving in school is a truly rewarding experience. Meeting these children will demonstrate the very real difference your gift is making.

If you are interested in visiting any of our programmes in Guatemala, Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, the Philippines or Tanzania  let us know on 0207 629 3050. The Sisters and children welcome all visitors and are always keen to show their appreciation for the benefactors of their education.

Call us on 0207 629 3050 or see below for how your gift could help our children to become self-sufficient adults, support generations of their loved ones and make a lifelong difference to the welfare of their families and communities.

Your gift can make a big impact

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We’re dedicated to caring for the world’s most impoverished children, but without your help, the work of World Villages for Children would not be possible.

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If you would like more information on giving to World Villages for Children to support our humanitarian education programmes, please call Carey or Nicola on 0207 629 3050 or use the contact form below.


Why we need your support

When you support us and help a child living in extreme poverty you are helping a family, a community and a country.

356m Children

An estimated 356 million children live in extreme poverty deprived of the basics for survival like food, shelter and healthcare.

263m Children

263 million children, adolescents and youth around the world are out of school

2x Poverty

Children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty and the consequences of poverty last a lifetime