One in six children live in poverty worldwide. For many of the children in our programmes, they might not know their age or their birthday. In August, we celebrate Every Child’s Birthday, giving them each their own small gift and birthday celebration. Help bring joy to every child this August with the gift of a good education.

chidlren standing outside home in Tanzania

Mercedes and the Sisters of Mary

Mercedes and her siblings struggle to survive in a small village outside Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Their mother rarely has enough money to buy food. With a violent and abusive step-father, they rely on the generosity of neighbours to survive. Mercedes dreamt of a better life, but had no real hope of realizing her dreams.

The impact of Mercedes’ education

In July 2021, Mercedes met the Sisters of Mary, who welcomed her to Kisarawe Girls School, near Dar es Salaam. Mercedes now has the education and skills she needs to build a better life, and to give her siblings hope. She has three nutritious meals a day, safe shelter, friends, and the Sisters who care for her. Most importantly, Mercedes has an education.

mercedes standing with biology book outside school

Education is key to every child's success

Mercedes dreams of the day she can support her family and become a doctor to help other people, so that they in turn can help others. Her story is one of hope and empowerment, showing how giving equal opportunity to children trapped in poverty can improve entire communities.

Equal opportunity

Receiving a good education and three meals a day should not be so difficult, but every one in six children around the world live in poverty and just completing primary education is a challenge. Poverty causes families to struggle to afford food and young children suffer from malnourishment and stunted growth as a result.

In Tanzania, only 69% of children completed primary school in 2020.

Two nuns standing with women holding a child in slum in Tanzania

Give hope to every child

The Sisters of Mary offer hope to the most vulnerable people in the poorest communities through practical support, education, and training. In the Sisters of Mary programmes around the world, every child is given three meals a day, academic and vocational education and training, sporting activities, and pastoral support.

Every child finds friendship, security, love, and hope when they come to the Sisters of Mary.

Every Child’s Birthday 

Be a part of bringing joy to every child in our programmes this August and donate to give the gift of an education to a child in need. Your gift will support the cost of educating every child, as well as a small birthday gift this August, helping to give every child a bright future.

Venerable Father Aloysius "Al" Schwartz

“Christ's presence in the poor: that is the reality to which many Christian eyes are dimmed. Yet all our talk to reform and renewal will come to naught unless the Church - and we are the Church - faces the challenge of poverty”

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