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We believe in a brighter future, created for, and by, children.

At World Villages for Children, we know that education is key to ending poverty and achieving sustainable, positive change. We support education programmes for some of the most deprived boys and girls across the world. We provide them with a safe, secure and loving environment, where both their physical and emotional needs are met.

Each child that we help, in turn supports their families and communities, and with the help of our corporate partners we’re helping to shape the futures of their countries, by showing what is possible when you believe and invest in children.

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Why partner with us

Founded in 1998, we have over 23 years of expertise supporting education projects in some of the most challenging and deprived areas of the world.

We work with organisations and businesses of all sizes to build long-term sustainable partnerships, and together we help children survive, thrive and fulfil their potential. We tailor each partnership and will work with you to create a successful mutually beneficial partnership focused on the objectives of everyone involved.

We will actively show our thanks, promoting our partnerships through our social media channels and on our website, as well as seeking national and industry press to showcase your support.

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How you can get involved

Whether you’re looking for a charity of the year, a long term relationship or a strategic product partnership, make us your charity of choice and work with us to support more children achieve their potential and break free from a life of poverty.

Some examples of valuable partnership opportunities

  • Charity of the year
  • Donate a percentage of sales
  • Cause related marketing
  • Corporate volunteering
  • Gifts in kind and pro-bono support
  • Help us raise our profile by sponsoring a place in an advert with one of our media partners
  • Sponsor our events, running t-shirts and more

For small businesses

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Turn your work into good

Are you a start-up, sole trader, or small business and want to give back and give your business a charitable purpose?

If you run or work for a small business we understand that you’re pulled in many different directions, so it means a lot to us that you’d like to create a positive impact that expands far beyond the work you do.

We have partnered with Work for Good to make donating through your business as simple and easy as we can, making sure you can focus on what you do best.

Your business can have a powerful and positive impact, whatever its size. Whether you would like to make one-off donations, or support by donating a percentage of your business sales, you can make a difference by supporting World Villages through Work For Good.

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The benefit of using Work for Good

  • Flexibility – choose an amount or a percentage of sales to give in the way that works best for you.
  • Give as you grow – your giving can grow with your business, there is no minimum donation. So from sole traders to start-ups or larger businesses, you can scale your giving to suit you.
  • Support – from a dedicated team at Work for Good with resources and advice.
  • Simple and legal – Work for Good take care of the legal requirement that is needed for sales fundraising, (known as a Commercial Participation Agreement). It is created via the donations form and is the simplest and most hassle free way to set up an agreement.
  • Share your purpose – once you have an agreement signed on Work for Good, share your purpose with the Work for Good Logo. As a supporter, you will have a personalised dashboard and a fundraising page to let your customers or clients know that you are working for good.


Becoming a corporate partner

Get in touch

Contact our friendly and experienced team if you have any questions or would like to partner with us –  please call 0207 629 3050 or click the button below to email us.

Get in touch

How your funds could be used

Below is a list of projects that your support can make a reality for our children

The Philippines

Purchase of technical drafting tables£14,105Biga Girlstown
30 desktop computers required by TESDA for vocational training£20,500Biga Girlstown
Implementation of Programming (JAVA) NCIII Qualification £25,500Talisay Girlstown
Data Center, Fiber Optic IIOT Laboratory£23,980Talisay Girlstown
Renovation and repair of Library and Audio-visual room£52,800Minglanilla Boystown
Installation of CCTV£12,700Minglanilla Boystown
Upgrading the Science Laboratory£4,584Adlas Boystown
Building of a small Carpentry Shop£4,990Adlas Boystown


Solar lamps for school perimeter£18,300Chalco Girlstown
Agricultural Equipment to grow food - tractor, pneumatic seeder etc£82,882Guadalajara


Purchase of 2 electric generators£61,198Zona 13 Girlstown
Protective curtains for welding workspaces£8,617Zona 6 Girlstown
Virtual library implementation£28,176Zona 6 Girlstown


Purchase of English Textbooks for Elementary Students£12,880Brasilia Girlstown
Replacing solar panel and copper pipes£40,896Brasilia Girlstown
Replace elementary school water cups and snack plates£550Sao Paulo Elementary
Purchase of Elementary Textbooks (322 units)£9,975Sao Paulo Elementary


Maintenance of the solar heating system for hot water in both
£1,726Amarateca Boystown
Maintenance of the electric power plant£1,554Amarateca Boystown
Rainwater collection culverts and replacement of rainwater pipes£12,603Amarateca Boystown
Expansion of pump for cistern£6,853Tegucigalpa Girlstown
New internet cables£11721Tegucigalpa Girlstown
4 Fire hoses and cabinets£18,209Tegucigalpa Girlstown


Laboratory Sinks, Taps, Fume chambers & Apparatus (Nebrix)£5,110Dodoma Boystown
5 Tables & 3 Blackboards (laboratory)£298Dodoma Boystown
Textbooks and Dictionaries£23,090Dodoma Boystown
Solar Street Lights£9,489Dodoma Boystown
Bookshelves£ 4,973Kisarawe Girlstown
Text and Reference books (Form 5)£29,820Kisarawe Girlstown
Montessori Materials (Instructional Materials)£2,410Kiluvya Nursery
National Examinations fees of Secondary students£5,010Kisarawe Girlstown
Piping machine for Dressmaking workshop£913Kisarawe Girlstown
Overedging machine for Dressmaking workshop£1,565Kisarawe Girlstown
Water pumps£2,610Kisarawe Girlstown
Why we need your support

When you support us and help a child living in extreme poverty you are helping a family, a community and a country.

356m Children

An estimated 356 million children live in extreme poverty deprived of the basics for survival like food, shelter and healthcare.

263m Children

263 million children, adolescents and youth around the world are out of school

2x poverty

Children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty. The consequences of poverty last a lifetime.