This year in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, we are raising funds to buy new engineering and tool making equipment to teach our boys in Adlas Boystown in the Philippines.

boys in class

This year we are running a Big Give campaign to raise funds to teach the poorest boys in the Philippines.

Thanks to your support of our 2021 Big Give campaign, we were able to give the most impoverished young women of Tanzania the chance of learning and employment and purchase 50 sewing machines for our Kiluvya Training Centre in Tanzania.

Our Adlas Boystown cares for 1,673 of the most deprived boys in the Philippines. The school teaches accredited technical skills to the boys to help them find good reliable jobs when they finish school so they can earn money to feed their families.

There are many jobs for school leavers with engineering skills in the Philippines but our engineering teaching workshop is now old and in desperate need of new, more up to date equipment.

With upgraded equipment, the senior, secondary level boys can learn precision tool-making and engineering and practice safely with the new technologies and techniques now used by local employers. Fully skilled in this new trade and certified by TESDA (the Philippine vocational training authority), they will be able to find regular jobs, earn a steady income or set up their own businesses to support their families.

boy working in machine

How it works

The Big Give provides match funding so your donations make twice the impact

We have a fundraising target of £27,500 to cover the cost of purchasing the equipment and tools the boys so desperately need to help them learn.

  • £6,875  is to be raised through pledges made over the summer, up until the 2 September.
  • We hope to secure a champion funder who will match, pound for pound, all pledge donations.
  • The remaining part of the target, £13,750, is to be raised during the Christmas campaign starting on 29 November and ending on 6 December, on Giving Tuesday.

By becoming either a pledge donor before 2 September or donating online during the Christmas campaign, you can ensure our boys in Adlas have the equipment they need to learn the essential skills which will help them find work and give them and their families a brighter, poverty free future.

Graduates sitting and standing in front of the Meraki-Tech sign
Our Adlas graduate Jony in his company Meraki-Tech with his staff of our new graduates 2021

How to support

Become a pledge donor

  1. Visit our Big Give Pledge page
  2. Make a pledge to donate up until the 2 September 2022
  3. From the 6 December,  we will collect pledges from donors which they can then make by cheque, or online by credit card until 14 January 2023.

Donate during the campaign in December

You can donate online between 29 November and 6 December 2022. Keep in touch with us via our newsletter to hear when the campaign goes live.

Make a Big Give pledge today

The Big Give 2020

With support from our incredible donors, we raised funds through the Big Give to give our girls in Guatemala a new electronics workshop, which has been invaluable for their education over the past two years.

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The Big Give 2021

Our amazing supporters helped us during The Big Give 2021 to buy 50 industrial sewing machines for the Kiluvya Training centre, which are being used every day to train and teach women tailoring and dressmaking skills.

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Why we need your support

When you support us and help a child living in extreme poverty you are helping a family, a community and a country.

356m Children

An estimated 356 million children live in extreme poverty deprived of the basics for survival like food, shelter and healthcare.

263m Children

263 million children, adolescents and youth around the world are out of school

2x poverty

Children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty. The consequences of poverty last a lifetime.