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Our Girlstown school in Tegucigalpa opened in 2012

The school has capacity for 900 girls in total and with sufficient funding new children are welcomed into school each January.

These girls come from some of the most impoverished areas in Honduras and we ensure that they receive a top-quality education and are cared for in a loving and safe environment.

The girls have three balanced meals a day, full healthcare and all the support they need to grow strong and thrive during their time at school.

The girls treasure their time at school. They play, make new lifelong friends and learn lessons which will change their lives.


Girls in sports kit with medals, holding a trophy
First place winners in the San Miguel Salesian Institute football competition 2019

In class at school they study a full curriculum of academic subjects which are accredited and overseen by the Honduran Ministry of Education.

The girls are ambitious and hardworking students and particularly love science and maths. They also study technical and vocational subjects including tailoring, electronics, computing and bookkeeping.

These subjects are relevant to local job vacancies and will help the girls learn what they need to find work when they finish school. Many girls also go on to achieve university scholarships on leaving school.

Outside of class, the girls are encouraged to keep fit. They love their playtime and hobbies and are competitive sportswomen inside and outside the school with a variety of successes in competitions over the years.


Children's Story

Eva’s Story

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Empowering girls for successful lives

There have been some notable academic successes at the school in Tegucigalpa and the girls challenge themselves regularly by competing against their peers in academic competitions like the national Maths and Physics Olympiad. Eva, who we welcomed into school in January 2014 is one of these girls.

Eva was the youngest in a family of 8 children living in the slums of Honduras. Before she joined us at our school, life was harsh for Eva and  she spent her days begging and scavenging on the rubbish dumps of Honduras.

With a place at school and in the care of the Sisters at school in Tegucigalpa, Eva thrived. In June 2018 she was awarded the Gold Award for Academic Excellence by the then President of Honduras. She represented the school in the regional and national Maths and Physics Olympiad and subsequently at the international Ibero-America Physics competition held in Porto Rico. She then went on to win a full scholarship to Zamorano Agricultural University in Honduras, centre of excellence for agricultural studies in Latin America.

Thanks to the support of our donors, Eva has been able to live up to her potential and she looks forward to a brighter future now that she has graduated from our Girls’ school.



Girls in school in 2023


Students graduated in 2022


New girls welcomed to school in 2023