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Edwin’s Story

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Edwin and Cleofe sitting together in school uniform

Our first boys officially started school at our Amarateca Boystown in January 2017 and in 2020 a new school building was inaugurated to increase capacity.

We are now able to provide a safe and caring environment for up to 900 boys to live and learn.

As well as live-in accommodation and full-time care, the children receive healthcare and three nutritious meals a day giving them the best possible start to life and a place to thrive.

In a four-story building with dormitories and classrooms, the boys sleep safely in their own bed at night and can enjoy the comforts of a proper childhood. In 2020 new facilities were opened to provide additional teaching and accommodation areas and medical and dental care.

Their full-time studies cover a range of academic subjects with particular emphasis on sciences and computing.

Boy doing electrical training rewiring a socket

Vocational training is a key part of the curriculum at the school

At the boys school this includes computer maintenance, electronics, welding and automotive mechanics. These subjects prepare the boys for local job vacancies.

Local and international companies based nearby,  like Toyota, have good relationships with the Sisters at the school and provide valuable vocational teaching for the boys. They also provide on the job training opportunities each year (work experience). In 2021,  they also employed many of the boys in full time roles after they finished school. (2021 saw the first graduates from the programme which started in 2017).

The boys are also keen (and encouraged) to maintain their fitness both for health and for their mental wellbeing. They have access to a variety of facilities for sports and opportunity for hobbies and play.



Boys in school in 2023


Boys finish school ready for work in 2022


New boys joined in 2023