Students receiving their Easter gift

A Christmas gift means so much more...

…when a child has experienced hunger, deprivation, and lack of opportunity in their early life. Poverty not only deprives children of food, safe shelter, clothing and basic needs, but also robs them of a happy childhood,  opportunities for a better life, and the simple joy of a carefree, happy Christmas

Give children born into poverty a special gift this Christmas

Christmas is one of those moments in the year where we are encouraged to come together and share in everything we have been blessed with, ensuring that no one goes without.

Every child deserves to feel loved at Christmas and a modest Christmas gift like books or clothing for school not only helps their education but makes them feel that they are cherished by a global Christian community.

Help us give every child in our education programmes a Christmas to remember this year. Just £12 will provide them with a gift containing something to eat, something to wear and something to read and give them happy new memories to last them in the year ahead.

This gives them more joy than we can describe!

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