2020 Christmas Appeal

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2020 has been such a challenging year for all of us and I can’t thank you enough for continuing to support our vital mission throughout these difficult times. Our children’s futures depend on the generosity and compassion of people like you. 

I am hoping that you can support my latest appeal as we head towards Christmas. This is such an important time for our children and I want to ensure that we can make the day as special as possible after a year of such turmoil and distress. I urgently need to raise enough money to build our Children’s Christmas Fund. 

With your donations, we can continue feeding, caring for and providing schooling to all of the 20,000 children relying upon us.

It has been a well-loved tradition at our Children’s Villages to give each child a modest Christmas gift package containing three items:

  1.  1. Something to wear, such as a shirt, a jumper or shoes for school;
  2.  2. Something for their leisure, like a book or art supplies and;
  3.  3. A treat, such as fruit or chocolate.

To cover the costs necessary to buy one of these Christmas gift packages for each and every one of our 20,000 children, I need to raise a total of about £240,000.

Will you contribute to our Children’s Christmas Fund, by sending in a generous Christmas gift?

One child is particularly grateful for your kindness and compassion:

Luisa, in rural Guatemala, had a heartbreaking childhood.  She never knew her father.  Abandoned and neglected by her alcoholic mother  she, and her young brother, were passed from relative to relative.

When Luisa was 14, her mother handed her 20 quetzales (the equivalent of £2) and walked out of their house, never to return.  Young Luisa was heartbroken. 

Some days later, sheltering with her young brother and with nowhere to turn, her cousin discovered them. He brought them home to their aunt’s house, where they stayed.

She never heard from her mother again.

When I met Luisa, I knew I had to help her 
We brought her in to our Girlstown in Guatemala, where she has flourished and is determined to change the course of her life through the education that we can give her. 

Luisa says:

I try to behave very well and at any cost I want to be a graduate of the Girlstown. I have given everything of myself and I will continue to doing my best

I am grateful for the great support I haven been given and I want to help my little brother, my aunt, cousins and the other people who need my help.”

Luisa is determined to improve not only her own life, but the lives of those around her who need her help. A girl like Luisa, who works so hard, deserves a joyful Christmas, as do thousands of other young children just like her.

Your gift will truly light up a life – and your kindness will mean the world to a child who has known nothing but neglect.