Life for Children in poverty is harsh

One in six children live in poverty worldwide. The children who come into our care have experienced extreme deprivation and all the difficulties that poverty brings. Most have suffered neglect, and missed out on the comforts of a normal childhood including milestone celebrations like birthdays. So every August, on 15th, at all our schools around the world, we celebrate another year with our boys and girls with ‘Every Child’s Birthday’ for every single child in our care.

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group of boys eating food at a long banquet style table

Every Child's Birthday 

Our birthday celebrations include a party, a birthday cake, sometimes ice cream and a small personalised gift, usually clothing and school supplies, funded with the generosity of our supporters.

For our children, whose early years were spent trying to survive, celebrations like birthdays are an unknown luxury. So many of them have never known their birthday, many don’t even know their age and so this will be their first ever birthday celebration. It is a day of unbridled excitement and joy.

In our care every child finds friendship, security, love, and hope. Our birthday celebrations are a chance for us to nurture the boys and girls, build their confidence and give them happy memories to take with them in the years ahead.

Could you be a part of bringing joy to every child in our programmes this 15th August and donate to give the gift of an education to a child in need? Your gift will support the cost of educating every child, as well as providing a small birthday gift, helping to give every child a bright future.