Girls walking to class in uniform with masks on
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Covid-19 Impact

Nearly 77 million students worldwide have missed almost all in-person classroom instruction since March 2020 because of lockdowns and curfews arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. *

Most of the regions where we work have been badly impacted by the disruption to education, but the Philippines is one of the countries most greatly affected with youngsters here cut off from an education and the other vital benefits schools provide.

Time in school is precious, and every child should be given the opportunity of an education. Virtual lessons have been an option for some but for a child living in poverty, with no access to the internet or even electricity, virtual learning is impossible and the chance to go to school is lifesaving.

Student helping to teach a class

School represents not just a vital opportunity for learning and stimulation; it offers regular nutrition, safety and the chance to achieve a good start in life. That is why the provision of education to the most deprived boys and girls is our priority and so we are proud to be supporting the Sisters of Mary schools programme and to help them keep their schools open worldwide.

Throughout the pandemic, thanks to the kindness of our donors and the dedication of the Sisters, all 20,000 children have stayed safe and well, in school and learning. They have passed exams, graduated on time and progressed into work. We know that these children are the lucky ones. Other children from the most deprived families and poorest communities are suffering and desperate for a place at the schools and an opportunity to learn.

We welcomed nearly 2000 of these new children to the Philippines schools in July. They were neglected, malnourished and had little early education. They will need additional learning support, but with your help we can keep them in school, give them the chance they deserve to learn and ensure they succeed.


* Education Disrupted, Unicef, September 2021