An Easter Message from Sister Elena
group of girls wearing easter bunny ears and holding small gifts

Easter at the schools

Easter at our schools is a very happy time for all our children and a chance for them to reflect and give thanks for their new start in life and the opportunities they can enjoy in the care of the Sisters.

At Easter all our girls and boys at every school around the world will receive a small Easter basket containing fruit, vital health supplements, and toiletries such as soap or shampoo. These are basic necessities to us, but luxuries to our children who have come from such difficult early lives.

This established Easter tradition at all our schools is a chance to provide a gesture of love and comfort for boys and girls who have known so little kindness.  For many of our children, this will be the first time they have ever celebrated Easter or received a gift. Our deprived children have received little, most grow up neglected, in families where food, clothing and shoes are shared by multiple children and where they take turns to sleep in one bed. So a personal gift, at Easter, will bring untold joy and happy memories which will last them in the years ahead.