An Easter Message from Sister Elena

Hello, dear friends

As Lent comes to an end, we celebrate the joy of Easter, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the light of the world. During Easter, the Sisters of Mary and all the children pray for you and thank God for your kindness in supplying everything our boys and girls need in school, and especially for the precious gift of education.

In all of our schools around the world, every child celebrates the joy of Easter with a special meal together, games and a special Easter gift from you, our dear supporters.

This gift contains daily essentials, vitamin supplements, school supplies, and a sweet treat. This modest gift may seem small, but for these children who had so little in life, it’s a treasure.

Our new boys and girls who joined with us in January will be very delighted to receive their gift as it will be their very first time.

Your generosity is such an encouragement to all of us, especially in times when we face increasing challenges for the basic food and necessities of our children, and when we see that poverty in the children’s communities is deeper than ever.

If you would like the children and sisters to pray for your special intentions during our masses, please do let us know and click the link below.

Thank you for being the light to our children and for giving such joy at Easter.

With prayerful best wishes that the outpouring Easter joy and peace may be with you and your loved ones.

Happy Easter and thank you very much

Sister Elena

Special Intentions Prayer Request