a nun sits at a desk with two boys in Tanzania

New boys joining for the 2024 academic year

In late 2023, the Sisters of Mary welcomed the first boys into their new School in Dodoma. These are some of the most extremely deprived youngsters in the country. Most have completed their primary schooling around Tanzania but will have had no access to secondary schooling.

Up to Christmas, these young boys received additional tuition in Maths and English to help them make up lost learning and spent time getting ready for the new term which started this January.

Now that the 2024 academic year has begun, this month a total of 160 boys will have joined the school to begin their education with the Sisters.

This is an exciting new start for the boys, who will have the opportunity to live and learn in a safe place. They will be free of the stress of poverty, the pain of hunger, the added burden of daily work in the fields or care for younger siblings. They will be free to experience a proper childhood, and receive a quality education and care which will change their lives forever.

A building under construction in the background with a foreground of pink flowers

Construction progress going into 2024

Thanks to the generous support from our donors, whilst we welcome new boys into the existing Phase 1 buildings at the school, the Sisters are continuing to plan for the next phases of construction of Dodoma Boys’ School with phase 2, a new five storey building, comprising of dormitories and teaching workshops and phase 3, a building for academic classrooms.

Most of the essential 2023 Phase 1 services and some for phase 2 are now complete including the boreholes and water pumps, cistern for reservoir, water tank, septic tanks, electrical supply, and access roads.

The perimeter fence, pilot building, hospitality building, 2 storey workshop, guardhouse, and football pitch are also complete.

CGI rendered building
Second view of new building, phase 2, Dodoma

The second and third phase of construction

Which comprises dormitories, washrooms, kitchen and laundry room in a five storey building, followed by phase 3 construction which is a six storey academic block, is just commencing.  Once complete in early 2025 (phase 2) and 2026 (phase 3), these buildings will bring the schools eventual capacity to 1200 students to address the urgent need for care and secondary education for deprived boys in this region.

These next phases of construction necessitate the purchase of a wide range of essential equipment and supplies to power the school and equip the dorms, academic classrooms and vocational training workshops including:

  • emergency generator
  • solar powered street lights to illuminate the school site
  • beds, bedding, mosquito nets
  • books and learning supplies, library furniture, laboratory equipment
  • welding & carpentry equipment
  • electrical & computing equipment
  • bread and pastry making equipment

The full details of these projects and how you can help us to complete these projects are available on request.

With your generous funding we will be able to help the Sisters to welcome more boys to the school and meet the growing needs of the poorest boys in this region.