Jonathan with his mouth open showing his damaged teeth

Give children their smiles back

Poverty, poor diet, lack of access to clean water – these all contribute to a myriad of health problems in young children. Some of the most pressing and urgent care our children need when they reach our schools is dental care. Access to regular dental checks is not possible and so children arrive at school with severe dental issues.

At school, every child receives dental hygiene support with toothbrushes, toothpaste, vitamins, dental check-ups, and improved diets. And they learn to clean their teeth! This is part of the holistic care offered at every programme and is essential to their future wellbeing.

But this is not enough to solve the worst cases

From children with moderate to severe gum disease and rotten teeth that need to be extracted, to those with very damaged teeth – everyone receives care but many cases require a higher level of intervention and treatment to solve a bigger problem.

Below you will see examples of children from the more severe cases – cases where children need more support than improved diet and dental hygiene routines can offer.

These are children who need orthodontic work and prostheses where they have lost adult teeth to decay. Dental treatment is expensive but so necessary to the health and wellbeing of our children.

Help give these children their dignity and smiles back 

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