group of boys and Sister smiling uner a Merry Christmas banner between two Christmas trees in the Philippines 2022


Christmas at all of our programmes was greeted with much joy. The children celebrated with a meal together, as well as games and dramatic and musical performances, and every child was given a small gift to celebrate.

As with every year, the gifts provided by our generous supporters contained practical items like clothes for sport and school activities, as well as educational supplies and small treats. In Mexico, the girls at Chalco received calculators to help them in their studies. The gifts also contained hygiene products and small toys to give the children joy during the festive season.

In Guatemala, the girls at Zona 13 celebrated with a festive piñata and games during their Christmas activities.

large group of boys at graduation ceremony in Amarateca Honduras 2022

Graduations in Brazil and Honduras

We celebrated with our students in Honduras and Brazil as they completed their final year of school. In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 121 girls graduated from secondary school, ready to start work. In Amarateca, 134 boys graduated from their final year of school.

97 girls completed school at Brasilia Girlstown. There were tears of joy during the ceremony, marking this incredible achievement for so many girls who had lost hope of ever receiving an education.

In Sao Paulo, 17 young boys and girls finished their last year of kindergarten, ready to start elementary school in the new year. 48 boys and girls graduated from Sao Paulo Elementary school, ready for secondary school in 2023.

Sister and Archbishop breaking ground with orange spades at new school site in Tanzania

Ground breaking at our new boys' school in Dodoma, Tanzania

We are so excited to announce the ground breaking of our new Boystown school in Dodoma, Tanzania!

Plans are underway to build a boys’ school to provide the poorest boys in Tanzania with quality education. With 12 hectares of land gifted by the authorities, and thanks to your support, the building project can now begin. We hope the first 160 boys will be welcomed later this year.

None of this work would be possible without your support. Thank you for your kindness and interest in our children. If you would like further details about the project or how you can support it get in touch.

Help us bring education to poor boys in Tanzania

Dodoma Boys' School Building Project

Our school in Dodoma provides free, quality education to the poorest boys across Tanzania.

Donate today to help us to expand the school, so that it will be able to educate up to 1,000 boys every year and help lift them and their families out of poverty.