Enrique is sending updates from Mexico where he preparing for the climb with his team, acclimatising to the altitude and practising mountaineering skills in their training climbs. You can read all his updates in his blog.

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man stands on the peak of a mountain with farmland in the distant background

Climbing Mexico's 3rd highest peak

Towering over Mexico City, covered in snow most of the year, is the formidable Mt Iztaccíhuatl (Nahuatl pronunciation [istakˈsiwat͡ɬ]/ “east-as-ee-wattle”). (Translates as White = Istaktli, woman= Siuatl, mountain =Tepetl).

In December 2023, Enrique Flores will be setting out on an expedition to climb Mexico’s third highest peak, Mt Iztaccíhuatl (5,220m 17,126ft). The highest peaks in Mexico that Enrique has climbed in preparation are Ajusco (3,937m 12,917ft) and La Malinche (4,420m 14,501ft). Enrique is raising funds through his expedition in support of World Villages for Children.

The expedition to the summit of Mt Iztaccíhuatl will take 2 days on 14 and 15 December 2023.

Mexican born and raised, Enrique has a keen understanding of the challenges facing poor families in Mexico, and the real need for support for children who would otherwise be stuck in poverty without an education.

man stands near the peak of a mountain pointing to the top

Why support World Villages for Children?

Enrique was inspired to support World Villages after visiting the programmes in Mexico. He is passionate about empowering young people and inspiring them to grab life’s opportunities and make the most of what they have.

Enrique has supported World Villages for Children by swimming the English Channel to raise funds. In December 2023, he will be taking on the challenging climb with his childhood neighbour, Edgar, his friend Ricardo, and his nephew, Alfonso, together with guides don Franc and his two sons Isaac and Iván.

Enrique is excited about the prospect of inspiring young people to excel and to challenge themselves, living life to the fullest. On the trip, he plans to visit Guadalajara Boystown and Chalco Girlstown to speak to the children and share his experience.

“I want to celebrate life, that I am alive, to feel closer to God and feel closer to creation.”


Help transform more children's lives

After Enrique visited Chalco Girlstown in Mexico, he said

“I found the experience humbling, seeing the transformation of so many of these poorest children from my country into such a happy and fulfilled state.

Able to enjoy lessons and learning all the skills they will need to find a good job after school. It was overwhelming and continues to make me smile knowing that my help whether small and modest or big and loud will always be well received, and well used with the Sisters of Mary. It is intensely rewarding.”

Can you help Enrique reach his goal and provide more places for children?

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Enrique in hiking/mountain climbing gear whilst high on a mountain

Fully Alive

“I want to celebrate life every day of my life. It is for the gratitude of having a life to live and fulfil and share that I do what I do.

And when opportunities like this come, running a marathon, swimming in the ocean, cycling into the horizon, and now climbing mountains: it grounds my feet to the Earth, it puts our minuscule reality into the perspective of Creation, it elevates that gratitude for life into love for our Creator.

As I discover mountains, I come to realise why our ancestors in their wisdom, in many cultures throughout humanity, looked at a mountain with reverence as the dwellings of the gods. In my experience, yes, it is a pilgrimage that brings you closer to God. That is what I want to do, that is what I want to share.

So I am grateful to World Villages for Children for enabling this channel for anyone to share on my adventure by sponsoring the Sister’s love for those 4,747 children in Mexico, and their 20,000 children elsewhere in the world. They are alive too, let them celebrate life every day of their lives too!

“It makes me happy to see young people being excited about the opportunity of doing something great.”

Enrique, Supporter United Kingdom