6 boys wearing santa hats holding gifts.

Give the gift of love this christmas

In the poorest villages, slums and rural areas around the world, Christmas will be ‘just another day’ for millions of children. There will be no celebration, no special meal, or the joy of spending time with loved ones around the family Christmas tree.

This year has been hard on so many. The global unrest and financial crises means our schools experience many shortages leading to costs rising at a dramatic rate. More than ever, we rely on your support so that we can provide a proper Christmas for our children alongside the education and care we provide on a daily basis.

Imagine, never having known the childhood joy of celebrating Christmas, sharing a festive meal with loved ones, or unwrapping a gift specially selected for you. Our Christmas celebration means so much for our boys and girls, letting them know that they are loved.

Every gift is modest, such as a new article of clothing for school, a shirt or a new pair of shoes and each child will also receive something for their leisure, like a book or art supplies; and a small treat, such as fruit or chocolate. These small gifts mean the world to our children.

Sister Elena's 2023 Christmas Message