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a boy crouches inside a hut next to an open fire, cooking on the coals
18 Jun 2024

Child Food Poverty 2024

Almost 700 million people still live in extreme poverty on less than £1.60 per day. Deprived of food, with only one or two meals a day, children raised in poverty lack the balanced nutrition needed to grow, leading to developmental difficulties, stunted growth and poor long term health.

smiling nursery girl at desk
18 Nov 2022

Early Learning

Foundational skills – the basics of literacy and numeracy – underpin the future of hundreds of millions of children around the world.

Teacher helping a child in nursery in Tanzania with a drawing of a face
07 Nov 2022

Trustees’ Week 2022

In Trustees’ Week, we take the opportunity to celebrate and thank our trustees for their invaluable contribution to our work. We spoke to Jo, our newest trustee focusing on her role helping World Villages for Children to make digital a priority.

Girls jumping up together
25 Oct 2022

Sports for Health and Learning

Exercise is an important part of the daily life of the children in our care at school. Running, athletics or playing team sports, keeps our children fit and healthy and builds strength.

Boy sitting on ground holding food
16 Oct 2022

World Food Day 2022

Our children and their families are just some of the millions of people around the world who are at risk of food insecurity and malnutrition, because they cannot afford healthy food.

Young girl sweeping while behind her people work in a field.
11 Oct 2022

International Day of the Girl Child 2022

Girls living in poverty face unprecedented challenges to their education and their physical and mental wellbeing.

Two men in an office
30 Sep 2022

Alumni from the Philippines

This summer we were delighted to meet Fretch & Ritche who are deeply thankful to the friends & supporters of WVC for their kindness in helping them through their education. They are committed to supporting the work of WVC to help future children in need.

Girl stirring food in Tanzania
29 Sep 2022

Learning to end poverty

As the new school terms start around the world we reflect on the vital importance of providing quality learning to the poorest children in the world.

girl reading book at desk
08 Sep 2022

International Literacy Day 2022

At World Villages for Children we know that literacy is vital to the long term success of children all over the world, giving them the foundation they need to succeed.

Deserted classroom 2021
15 Jul 2022

Learning Poverty: The impact of Covid-19

The loss of learning for the poorest children has been one of the biggest burdens of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Families queuing for place at school
04 Feb 2022

Equal access to Education

Access to education for the poorest children has never been harder. The Covid 19 pandemic has deprived the poorest children of the vital intervention that schooling provides.

Group shot of the students in Tanzania with Nicola Lawson and Clare Bamberger
02 Nov 2021

Trustee’s week

This trustee’s week, we hear from one of our volunteer board members, Clare Bamberger, who shares her experiences.