a boy in school shirt and trousers sits in front of a mural

Early life

Yordin comes from a poor family in La Paz, Honduras. There are seven children in the family and though his parents and the children work hard, they struggle to earn enough to be able to feed and educate their children.

“Since my parents does not have money to send me to school, they didn’t send me to school for about two years. Within these years, I dedicated to work in the farm together with my parents and to help my two elder brothers to study.

I am the third child of seven. My parents are working hard yet our family does not improve economically.”

three boys in school uniform stand in front of a table with bunk beds behind them
Yordin, far left, with two classmates

Life at school

Yordin came to the Sisters of Mary in 2022 and was excited to have the opportunity of a free education without the worries and anxieties of his previous life.

“My first day at the Sisters of Mary was full of emotion, having curiosity all throughout the compound. My heart was so happy having a new opportunity to study. I like most here is the organization of everything. On how everything goes well. I like our beautiful garden and when all of us sing in the gymnasium.”

Now that he is in Amarateca Boystown, and receiving an education, Jordin can dream of a future away from poverty in a permanent job. He wants to pursue business management and when we asked him what he imagines life will be like when he finishes school, he said, “I imagine myself as a graduate of boystown with a profession helping my family. Also, having my own company.”

“Many thanks to all of you our dear donors for this opportunity that I have, my studies are free, nothing to think of any payment to school matters. And how much I´m impress of your kind heart of helping each poor child from my country.”

Yordin Amarateca, Honduras