Boys in the Philippines sitting in class

Early life

Waren grew up in a severe poverty with six siblings, in a single parent home. He never knew his father and his mother could not support the children through school, so none of Waren’s siblings were able to finish school. Even in primary school, Waren was forced to skip classes to work and help support the family. He would fish with his stepfather and would work on a farm to bring money in for the family, selling the fish, fruit and vegetables to make money. He would also trade fruit with his classmates for paper and school supplies as he could not afford to buy his own.

Waren had many struggles in his early years but the greatest worry for him was that he would not be able to continue with his secondary school. Waren’s friends and teachers saw his struggle and one day, his 6th grade teacher came to him to tell him about the Sisters of Mary. Waren’s teacher had been a student at the Sisters of Mary school herself, and she helped Waren to meet the Sisters. With her support, Waren was accepted into Adlas Boystown.

Waren wearing work apron standing in front of an exposed car engine

Life at school

Waren started his secondary schooling at Adlas Boystown and excels in the technical subjects. He will finish school at the end of 2022. He now has the opportunity to study further, and gain employment that will give him an income to support himself and his family.

Waren’s dream when he lived at home was to be a teacher, because in his community, those were the most successful people he saw. But now, Waren’s dream for his life has grown. He wants to be an engineer or businessman. He knows that with the education and the opportunities he has at Adlas Boystown, these dreams are within his reach.

Waren says that “By 2023, I will be facing the real world. I know that by then, thanks to our donors, I will be already equipped and ready for life’s challenges. I will continue to work hard for my dreams and elevate my family from poverty.”