girls in school uniform hugging young sibling

Early life

“My name is Suzana. I was born in Dar es Salaam and I am the third born in a family with 6 children. Both of my parents are small scale farmers planting maize, cassava and coconuts. I also engaged in different small activities even when I was young in order to  assist my parents like carrying the vegetables to the market, fetching water before and after going to school and washing our clothes. My parent’s income is not always sufficient for us to be able to eat three times a day so in some other days we are contented to eat even just twice a day, eating stiff porridge and beans.

I studied primary school at Soga. My primary education was quite tough since at night I only have a single candle to enlighten our dark house since we don’t have electricity at home.

girls in biology class doing experiement
Suzana (second from left) in Biology class

Life at school

Before I met the sisters of Mary my life was not in good condition as first of all we don’t have our own house so we just rented a very simple house. My parents have always a shortage of money since we don’t harvest enough from our farm especially during dry season.

On my first day at the Sisters of Mary School, I was really amazed to see such kind of beautiful school with nice classrooms, dormitories and an environment which is very much conducive to study. I was very much inspired to study well and I began to have more hope to reach my dreams, to be successful in order to help my family and the society.

After finishing my studies I want to become a doctor so that through my profession I can also help others who cannot help themselves especially in health services and after graduating from the Sisters of Mary, I imagine myself like someone having her own job, house and car.”

Suzana's Story

“It is not my fault I was born poor but it will be my fault if I die poor.”

Suzana Kisarawe Girlstown, Tanzania