Four ladies standing in front of a doorway
Sharmin and her family, Tanzania 2022

Shamin's early life

Shamin’s family had a very difficult existence. With no permanent employment they raised a little income by selling rice cakes but it was a poor living.

As a young child, Shamin was occasionally able to attend primary school which was located a long walk from her home. She loved her studies but despite her successes at school her family could no longer afford for her to attend and, at age 13, she left school to help her family out at home.

With little education or practical skills, the family had few prospects to improve and then, after suffering very poor health for many years, her father died in May this year. The family were devastated and left facing a bleak future.


Girl sewing
Shamin, in sewing class, July 2022

At the new training centre in Kisarawe

The Sisters of Mary met Shamin late last year during their community work in her region and were moved by her difficulties. Thanks to the kindness of our supporters, they were able to offer her a place at their new Kiluvya training centre, which she joined in January 2022.

At the training centre, Shamin has had six months of intensive practical training, learning a range of skills including: bread & pastry making, electronics, tailoring and fashion design. In August, she successfully passed her exams and was accepted for a full time role in a local Tanzanian company, Bora.

Now that she is fully employed and earning money she is not only supporting herself, but she is helping her mother to restart the small family business started by her father. Thanks to the education she has received, she can share her new skills and ensure that her whole family face a brighter future.

“I am very happy for this training here at the Sisters of Mary and I know that this will be a step to success and with the skills I am learning here, I can find job and help myself and my family in the near future. Thank you so much and I will never forget you. ”

Shamin Tanzania