boy with a backpack on standing holding an open book outdoors

Early Life

Sergio is from Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, he is the youngest of two brothers.

He had a difficult early life which he tells in his own words:

“My town is very small and it cannot be cultivated very well due to the drastic climatic changes that occur. My family status is very low, our house is made of wood and every day we had to get up to go to the fields to work and get money. During meal times, it was very difficult as we did not have enough resources to buy food.

In the studies it was complicated for me, due to our economic crisis, my parents work in the fields with my siblings, which makes it difficult for us to continue studying, however, I didn’t want to give up, I wanted to try to get good grades to ensure a better future for myself and my family”.

group of boys sat around a table having their dinner at school
Sergio (right) at dinner with his family at school

Life at school

Life became even more difficult for Sergio when his father died and he had to dedicate himself to work in order to help his family survive.

However in 2022, Sergio met the Sisters of Mary and thanks to our supporters we were able to offer him a place at their school. Now that he is safe in the care of the Sisters, receiving regular meals and everything he needs to thrive he can study and one day he will be able to help his family with their needs.

He says “I want to graduate from here and study at law university. My biggest change is in my attitude, I learned with the sisters to respect the truth, which is what I was missing a lot.

In the future I want to help my family and the poor, I want to be a good person who teaches respect, to do things well and I will also make an effort to learn English to teach my brothers.

Now that I had the opportunity to study well in the Sisters of Mary School I really do my best. Thank you so much for the support.”