Ryana standing in her home with two nuns wearing masks
Ryana (second from left) at home during a visit from the Sisters

Early Life

“My name is Ryana. I come from the interior part Maranhão. I came from a very poor family. My parents separated when I was still small. My father has another family and is living as a farmer. I have two more siblings.

My mother has no permanent job because she did not finish her studies in high school, she works as a labourer: working at the field, as domestic helper and at times as a saleslady in order to keep ends meet.

I feel very sad seeing the situation of my family. I really wanted to study in order to help my mother and siblings. I want to become doctor someday, but aside from the poverty of my family, there is also no quality education here in my village.

Ryana sitting in the classroom at her desk
Ryana sitting in the classroom at her desk

Life at school

When the sisters came to my place and offered me a place at school I gave thanks to God. Now I am so happy that I am one of the fortunate child of the world.

I am learning many things. I am so grateful to God for giving me Father Al, the sisters and our friends who care for me in my new home. Thank you so much for giving me the hope to reach my dream and help my family. Thank you so much.”

Ryana is doing her very best to study hard and to catch up with the lessons that she missed during 2 years of pandemic and we are delighted to have her in our care.