Picture of a boy in school uniform standing outside a school

Early life

My name is Rodrigo. I was born in Guerrero in the municipality of Chilapa de Alvares. Two months after I was born I was taken to the state of Sinaloa in the municipality of La Cruz Elota, where I began my childhood life, the following year I had a little sister who was named after my grandmother, my father’s mother.

Years later I was the only man, because at the age of 5, the youngest of the three of us was born. She was named Milagros. A year later we were left without our beloved parents when they were brutally murdered.”

Following the death of his parents, Rodrigo and his siblings were separated and cared for by relatives. He found this separation very difficult. He had some opportunity to go to primary school whilst working to support the family and then one day his life changed when his uncle told him about a school called, Boystown. He went to Hueicantenango, to meet the Sisters and explain his situation. Then he says “I received a call that filled me with hope“.

Life at School

I was able to receive a place at Villa de los Niños (Guadalajara Boystown) and I had to go on August 6, 2021. I am now here, studying with all my classmates. Here we can have the opportunity to receive a good education, care, skills and values for our lives.

Though I don’t know exactly the people who always help the Sisters to give us all our needs, I am very grateful. Really without this help, I don’t know what my life would be. I will study and work hard and go back home to help my sisters. I love them so dearly, and they need the love of their eldest and only brother.

Thank you!