Rendel with his three siblings and mother standing outside of a basic shack with dirt floors
Rendel outside his family home in the Philippines

Rendel's early life

With the kindness of our friends and supporters, every summer in the Philippines we are able to welcome new children into our care at our schools.

These are the children who are living in the poorest regions of the country, in extreme poverty, deprived, malnourished and without hope. This year, one of these boys was Rendel.

When we found Rendel, he was living in a basic one-room home with his mother and three siblings. His father, the main provider for the family, deserted them when Rendel was tiny and his young mother worked as a labourer to earn what little money she could to care for her four young children.

Rendel holding a coconut outside whilst in front of a pile of coconuts
Rendel -selling Coconuts in the Philippines

Family life

Despite her hard work there was never enough money for food, the children were neglected, hungry and suffered every day.

As the eldest, tiny Rendel often missed school to try to help his mother, by earning money selling coconuts and fried bananas by the roadside.

Rendel’s mother was desperate for a better future for her son with the chance to attend school and build a future for himself. Rendel dreamt of being qualified and finding work and he was passionate about the chance of becoming a pilot and then this Spring, Rendel met the Sisters of Mary.

They were moved by the family’s difficulties and with the support of our donors, they were able to offer a place at school for Rendel.  He arrived into our school in Adlas this July.

Young boy reading a book in the library
Rendel at school in the Philippines

Life at school

Safe in the care of the Sisters of Mary Rendel is now flourishing.

He is growing stronger every day and studying hard. He loves his lessons and sports and under the watchful eye of his teachers he is improving his reading and numeracy skills. He is making new friends and experiencing the joys of a normal childhood – he is so excited for his first proper Christmas in our care!

Over the next few years Rendel will begin to fulfill his true potential and learn what he needs to finish school and find work. As an independent adult he will have the skills he needs to support himself but importantly he will be able to provide practical and financial help for all the members of his family and ensure they face a much brighter future free from poverty.

Boy working at a computer
Rendel at school in the Philippines
Young boy standing in front of a class
Rendel in English class, Philippines Sept 2022