A group of girls in a classroom sitting at desks
Raphaely, second from the front

Early Life

“My name is Raphaely. I live in a small village in Maranhão, Brazil. My life at home is very sad because right after my birth, my mother left me with my grandmother. Until now, I did not understand the reason. My grandmother is a poor widow, aside from me, she also raised two more grandchildren. I help her on our little farm from which we earn a living. When it is time to harvest açai berry I go to the neighbourhood to look for some berries to harvest and sell them to help the family bill.

Life at school

The reason why I dreamed of studying in Girlstown is to help support my family, especially my grandmother. I am very happy here in the Village for Children, I have many friends and the Sisters really love me.

I am learning many things. I love to draw and paint. I am studying very hard because I want to be a lawyer someday. I am grateful to our beloved friends and kind-hearted benefactors. Because of your generosity, many children like me are very happy and safe. May God bless you all!”