Ramesh sitting at a sewing machine while a class is taught behind him

“I started donating to World Villages for Children when I first heard of their work in 1999...

… I had received a letter from Sister Michaela about the charity work of the Sisters of Mary with children living in poverty in the Philippines and I was very moved to read of their work and how so many children’s lives are changed for the better once they gain a place at one of the Sisters of Mary Schools.

Over the last 18 years, I have continued to support the Sisters and am now pleased to be a regular donor via the Guardian Angel scheme. The charity programmes have grown over this time to 14 schools in six countries and the number of children helped out of poverty has expanded enormously. I keep in touch with the charity via the London office where I have met the staff and the Sisters and I have visited the schools in the Philippines several times. It is always really wonderful to meet the children that are being helped through the programme and to see the care that they receive from the Sisters. The children and the Sisters are always excited to see donors who are able to make the trip to see them and they make me very welcome. It gives me particular pleasure to see how well my donations are being spent and to know how much difference this work makes to the transformation of these young lives.”