a girl, marycelina, in a yellow t shirt stands next to a nun

Early life

“My name is Marycelina. I am 16 years old. I came from Kilimanjaro Region.

I was the fifth of eight children in the family. I suffered from poor upbringing of my father after he becomes a drunkard. He was just spending his money in drinking alcohol and not supporting the family. We are just depending on our mother who become sick later on because of too much hard work.

I also get a lot of challenges during primary education because of school fees. I remember I was not able to enter in the class because I was not able to pay the school fees and also to take lunch at school.  We can only eat sometimes once or twice in a day.”

Marycelina sitting in class at a desk

Life at school

“When I first came in the Sisters of Mary I was amazed by the environment which make me struggle (strive) to study hard because of the supportive environment. I cannot imagine what happen until I came to study here.

Also I was impressed for the meals which we are eating for they are different from what we are eating at home. We are able to eat chicken every Sunday while at home we are eating chicken only on holidays.

What I like most about the Sisters of Mary is here we have a balance of time means that we have time to play, pray, work, and study. Through this I discover my talents and becoming a good student who excels most of the time academically.

One day, I would like to become a doctor because I wanted to serve those people who are dying without treatments especially the poor.

I imagine that after I graduate here. I will have a nice job so that I can use my salary to continue with university studies until I can fulfil my dream of becoming a doctor.”

“I would like to say thank you very much for your kindness, generosity and your care for the poor people especially in Africa. Because the life here in Africa is so difficult and maybe without your help through the Sisters I could not be here. So I am promising you that I will study hard and I will not be lazy because you are always working hard for my studies. I cannot pay you physically but only spiritually through my prayers. I will pray for you always. ”

Marycelina Kisarawe Girlstown, Tanzania