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Early life

Marvin was born in 2006, Calbayog City, Samar. His parents separated when he was six and he lived with his two sisters, father, and new stepmother. It was a very poor life. His aunt was kind and tried to help whilst his father worked hard to sell sand for a living, but there was little money to be made  and his father would often have to leave the children for long periods without sufficient food to sustain them.

Access to school was difficult for Marvin and he relied on his grandfather for help and guidance. He often helped out on his farm instead of studying, or joined him fishing, helping to sell his catch. It was good regular work and his grandfather would give him 50 pesos (75p) after selling each catch with which Marvin could buy food for himself and his sisters.

At home he did not enjoy a loving relationship with his stepmother and when he was 11 his stepmother pushed him against the wall in an alcoholic rage and splashed him with petrol. His father moved him to his grandfather’s home for protection.

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Life at school

In 2017 whilst living with his grandfather, Marvin met the Sisters and was offered a place at their school in Minglanilla, Cebu.

Now in the St Blaise family at the school he says “when I entered the Sisters of Mary School, there was a great change in me. I have learned how to respect people. I was very happy for being able to enter the school. Everything is provided and we are taught in a holistic approach. I am grateful to be part of the St. Blaise Family because I feel the essence of a true family with them.”

Marvin is doing well at school, studying hard and learning everything his teachers can show him. He has also developed a number of hobbies including Takraw (kick volleyball), volleyball, athletics, and football.

He is hopeful for the future and his ambition in life is to be a seaman so that he will able to help his family to get out of poverty and give back to the people who have helped him, especially his aunt.