Mark standing by a lathe in a classroom

Early life

“I am Mark, eldest of six children of Jerry and Rosevie. My father is a farmer while my mother is a housewife.

The story of my life was full of sacrifices, difficulties, perseverance, and hope. Other people said that “the more, the merrier”, but for me it’s not like that, because having one big family doesn’t mean that we’re happy, because the more we become many the more we become financially unstable.

When I was studying at Elementary School, I went to school without food. It was very hard on my part to see that my classmates were happy eating at the school canteen, while I remained unnoticed at the corner striving to get rid of my hunger. I made it as an inspiration, and I promise to myself that I will persevere to finish my studies.”

Mark wearing chef whites in bakery class flipping dough

Early life

“One of my unforgettable moments in my life was when I saw my mother at home suddenly had full of bubbles in her mouth and had a high fever, I could not help but cry and cried for help. Fortunately, my father got home, and we brought her to the hospital. That incident begun to awaken my young mind into reality that being the eldest of my three little siblings, I must take the responsibility when my parents were not around.

While my parents were at the hospital, I got up early in the morning just to cook breakfast, wash the dishes, and wash the clothes of my siblings and do rest of the household chores. I really thought that with the poverty we are in, it would be impossible for my parents to send me to junior high school. I finished my elementary school.

Just in time before graduation, it was announced that the sisters are visiting the area for poor children willing to study in Cavite. I felt going with them was already a hope of the end of my hard life and help my family get out of poverty. It was a new hope but also a sacrifice to be separated from my loved ones.”

Mark wearing chef whites standing by a trolley with many levels of freshly baked bread

Life at school

“Here in the Sisters of Mary School-Adlas, I had a lot of good opportunities given for us to succeed in life and also good training to pursue higher education and get decent jobs. I learned variety of technical skills such as Electrical Installation, Culinary Arts, Welding, AutoCAD 2D &3D, Computer Servicing. But I love baking, cooking and machine works the most. I dream of becoming chef someday and to become a mechanical engineer.

I believe that the past should be a hindrance and whether you belong to broken or good, it is up to me. Here I am, I made the misery of past as inspiration to reach your dreams and goals in life. For the few remaining stay here, I tried to be of good help to the sisters and to the school in every little way I can as a sign of gratitude for taking care of me and joyfully fulfil my 4 basic duties, to study, work and play and pray.”

“Thank you so much to the people moved by God to make my dreams come true. To the teachers, sisters, to the donors and benefactors, thank you, thank you very much”

Mark Adlas, Philippines