Manuel standing next to his wife holding his child

Manuel joined our boys’ school in Mexico in 2002

Before attending school he was  deprived and vulnerable young boy. He thrived under the kindness and care of the Sisters and graduated from the school in 2006. He is now a qualified Lawyer, having graduated from the Law School at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). He has practiced Law for 14 years in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area, specialising in Registry, Real Estate and Family Law.

Happily married with a family of his own, he serves as Registrar within the Public Registry of Property and Commerce of Mexico City.

He never forgot the kindness he received from the Sisters and he now provides free legal support and advice to graduates of the Sisters of Mary programmes and since 2016, Manuel has led the administration and organisation of Gravini, the alumni association for children graduating from the schools in Mexico.

Manuel with a microphone at a school assembly

Supported by a dedicated group of volunteer graduates from the programmes, Gravini helps new graduates leaving the school. They provide support to ensure graduates can progress, find scholarships for higher education and job vacancies that meet their skills and will help them feed their families.

The team at Gravini actively support the Sisters in seeking new relationships with organisations and companies that will provide vacancies and also with the practical processes of outreach community work to meet children with the greatest need.

These graduates and their actions embody the spirit of the Sisters of Mary programmes and facilitate the wide ranging impact on poverty relief generated by our funding.