Boys with open backpacks showing their contents of notepads and stationery
Luis, centre, at school in Guadalajara

Luis is from Tabasco in Mexico

He was born in 2002. The youngest of two boys in the family he had a difficult childhood and he was only two when his parents separated and abandoned them. The boys were brought up by their grandparents but he says “we did not feel the love and affection of a father or mother”.

Luis managed to attend primary school but could not continue beyond the age of 11. He had to work to help with household expenses and to pay for his grandparents’ medical care. He says “My older brother was the only one who studied, and I was the one who worked so that he would not lose his studies.

He was aged 14 when he met the Sisters and learned about the school “Boystown in Guadalajara” a school that helps poor children and he felt so very lucky to be offered a place at the school.

When he first joined the San Francisco family at the school, he had to deal with many changes to his life, learning what the teachers could share with him and having the food that he needed. He missed his grandparents and his brother but he gradually got used to the love and care of his new environment.


Boys and Sister reading in library
Boys studying at school, Guadalajara

Over time...

… and with the help of his family classmates and friends, he overcame these difficulties and made memories he will never forget. He says “having the experience of living together is very delightful, something that I did not enjoy as a child”.

He loves his lessons and enjoys playing basketball and running together with his classmates after school. He says “spending time with my friends and learning new things is the most interesting and fun thing I have ever done. Today in my last year of high school, I want to thank those people who give support to young people who need it, who offer the opportunity to have a change and to motivate them so they will know that life is not as difficult as it seems and there is always someone that it will give you a helping hand just like you, our supporters have done and have offered us with a better future in life.”

“My great motivation and dream that I have is to finish my studies in accounting, to work, to create a business and support other people, giving hope to others.

I am very grateful to the supporters because, although they do not know us, they support us either with money, prayers or other donations that not everyone does. May God Bless you and your family for everything you do for us.”