Naomi Lineth headshot with purple flowers in the background

Early life

“My name is Lineth, I’m from the city of Mexico and I am 12 years old. I live with my grandparents and with my aunt but we have many problems because my grandparents are alcoholic, for a long time my mother abandoned me and my dad is in jail.

I have 5 brothers but I do not know them because everyone is in different places. My mother lives with another man, when I arrive at Villa de las Niñas, Chalco, all my past change I feel very happy because there were no blows and insults. Here I found a true family a decent place where I know girls from different states and I share with them the dining room, bedroom and all basic services, although the most important thing is the support we give ourselves as a family.

I am from the first grade in high school, my family is Santa Gisela and my mother in charge is Sister Esmeralda, she is very comprehensive and very loving, she always cares about us, I really like here because I have a family with which I can live and share many experiences.”

Naomi Lineth Santa Gisela Family Chalco Mexico 2022 (4)

Life at school

“Upon arriving here, I received many things that I did not have at home, it is the first time that I have new shoes because at home I used old shoes that my neighbours gave me, here every month I receive basic things. It is the first time I receive gifts every holiday like Christmas, Easter or August 15 celebrating the birthday of all the girls of the school and there are many games these days.

What is difficult for me is to understand the teachers since I did not speak Spanish, but with the help of my family, Santa Gisela, I am managing. When I get sick, my mother Sister brings me to the clinic to receive treatment, in addition doctors and nurses attend in a very kind way.

My favourite game is football and I can play it with all the girls of my family, in the future I want to become an accountant.

Being a first year student I can say that this is a very good school because they educate us and teach us new things such as playing,  studying and living with others, thanks to our beloved donors and benefactors who make possible for our dear school to continue growing and with your support, we continue to fulfil our dreams.”

Help children like Lineth receive a special gift this August

The Children's Birthday

One in six children live in poverty worldwide. The children who come into our care have had a difficult early life. Many do not know their age or even their birthday. So, each August, on the 15th, we celebrate Every Child’s Birthday, giving every child in our schools a birthday celebration, with a party, cake and sometimes ice cream.

For most, this will be their first ever birthday celebration. Help us bring joy to every child this August with the gift of a good education.