Group of children in front of a school
Lety with her school friends, Chalco, Mexico

My name is Lety and I am a former student of the Sisters of Mary in Mexico

My father worked in a bakery, and my mother took care of us. We are 4 brothers and 3 sisters. At the time my family was poor, we had no electricity or any basic service.

My life changed completely when I joined the Sisters of Mary in 1992: I no longer had to walk for hours to go to school, my clothes were clean, I had notebooks, books, pens, food. It is a miracle what the Sisters did for us. I met my best friends there, played sports and had birthday or Christmas parties: we felt so much the attention from the donors for us that day.

Photo of girl
Lety during a meeting with the WVC team in March 2023

After graduation

Lety worked in a bank and at age 28 started a university course. “At university, I realized that the level of education I had received from the Sisters of Mary was really high. She did well at work and was determined to share her good fortune with the graduates and students at the Sisters of Mary school in Chalco, to help them into work and further education.

“I got involved in the association of alumni in Mexico to help new girls at the Sisters of Mary school into their first job. Today, when I compare my life to others in my old neighborhood, I see how much better my life is.

I always tried to give some money to my parents and with my sister both of us helped to build our parents a home, our old home was a very very tiny home, so we began constructing a better house for our parents”.