SaF Brasilia 2022 Lauanda Kaylane
Lauanda gardening (middle)

Early Life

“My name is Lauanda, from Brasilia Girlstown in Brazil. I am 2nd year High School, from Saint Paula family. I come from a very poor family. My parents separated when I was still three. I live with my mother together with my younger brother. My mother has no permanent job. Life in the remote places, as mine has no hope for the future. The public schools have no structure.

I am greatly blessed by God having the opportunity of studying in Brasilia Girlstown. I learn new and interesting things as well as the integral formation of my being. Before I had the difficulty to do my daily routine. Now, I learn their values and the positive changes I see in me. I became more responsible and diligent with my duties. I love my teachers and the Sisters and my favourite subject is Mathematics and in the future, I want to take Financial Accounting.

I really want to lift up my family’s condition. I am so proud that I am one of the daughter of Father Al and I thank our good friends for stretching their generous arms to help us grow and make us hopeful in the future. Thank you dear friends. I will always pray for you.”

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