SaF Brasilia 2022 Lara Yasmin
Lara learning in the library with Sister Julie Ann

Early Life

“My name is Lara , from Brasilia Girlstown in Brazil; I am part of Saint Paula’s family. I am 16 years old, I come from Amapá do Maranhão, and I am the eldest of five siblings. My parents are separated, so I lived with my grandmother. I have a very painful life; our little hut is made of smashed mud. I thought my future would be as my parents: no studies and no job.

However, my life changed a lot when I came to know the Sisters of Mary. They give me new vision. When I was in my early years in the school, I was very naughty and disobedient. But, mother sisters were so patient and they never gave up on me. I feel that they really love me. Now, I am becoming more mature and responsible. I love my family here, we grow together since the beginning and we share many happy experiences together with our mother sister. I love to sing. I am part of the choir group.

I would like to be a dentist someday and my dream is to study in England. I know that it will cost a lot of hard work but I will do my best to achieve my goal.  I am so grateful to our benefactors for being my inspirations to do good things to others. I am so grateful for your goodness. May God bless you!”