Profile photo of Keydy in her uniform

The worst struggle of my life has been facing the death of my father. My family were left helpless

Keydy is from Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán in Honduras.

Keydy was desperate to help her mother with supporting her family and when the Sisters visited her community in 2019 and offered her a place at school she didn’t hesitate. She says “I took advantage of the opportunity they gave me in Villa de las Niñas to study and live here, although it was the first time that I am away from my family, I had to do it because the need to improve is greater.”

She arrived at the school on January 6, 2020, and says “I feel very happy to be part of this wonderful place”.

She is in the Santa Inés family and is loving her time at school, learning, making new friends and having fun. Her favourite pastime is reading books particularly stories about young people that inspire her and help her dream of the future.

She is in 9th grade and in the family she says “with them we live many experiences day by day, everything we set out to do we manage to do, although there are difficulties we give our best because everything turns out in the best way.”

When she graduates from Villa de las Niñas, she wants to continue fighting to be able to help her family. She has dreams of becoming a member of the military or a professional stylist and she would also like to be able to help the school “as thanks for everything they do for me”.