Isabella and Kethelyn are the first children to benefit from the Sisters of Mary day care, elementary school, and secondary school education in Brazil and they owe their opportunity to our generous supporters.

A girl in white top and blue skirt stands outside

Isabella's early life

Isabella is the eldest child of the family. Her mother is a housekeeper and her father does general handyman work. He has very little education and so has been unable to find any reliable paid employment and the family found it difficult to cope. They were overjoyed when Isabella was offered a place at the day care centre in São Paulo and she joined at age 3. In the care of the Sisters she thrived and enjoyed the early learning and regular meals.

She completed her time in day Care and then progressed to the Elementary school with the Sisters of Mary and then this year, she joined Kethelyn at Brasilia Girlstown with the Sisters they know so well.

Secondary education

Thanks to your support Isabella has big dreams of becoming a doctor and helping her family when she finishes secondary school. Her dream is possible thanks to the quality education you have funded for her and the good start in life she received from the Sisters.

A girl in white top and blue skirt sits on a low brick wall

Kethelyn's early life

Kethelyn came to the Sisters of Mary when she was 3 years old. She is the eldest of three children from a very poor family. Her father is a bricklayer and his work is unstable and income is not consistent. The family survives on his small wage but paying for school for Kethelyn was not an option.

After completing at São Paulo Day care, Kethelyn moved up to the  Sisters Elementary School in São Paulo. She asked if she might go to Brasilia Girlstown when she completed elementary school and in 2023, with your funding, Kethelyn started her first year of secondary school in Brasilia.

Secondary education

Kethelyn is a smart and determined young lady and dreams of becoming a nurse one day and giving back to society. Her dream can now become a reality as Brasilia Girlstown prepares the girls with vocational nursing classes, giving them the skills and confidence they need to pursue a variety of nursing roles within the local community.