Justa smiling at the camera while sitting in class with her classmates

Justa joined Kisarawe Girls School in January 2022

Justa is 13 years old and is one of 8 children from a poor farming family in Tanzania. Her father rents his farm in Dodoma, but the living is difficult and it generates little income.

With such a large family, Justa’s parents struggle to support them all, often they have only one meal a day or sometimes nothing at all. Even though the children are all young, they have to help out and work on the farm during planting and harvest season. As a result, they struggle to find time to study and when there is time they have to walk long distances to reach their nearest school.

Justa’s home life is complex and harsh and it was her dream to leave and make a better life for herself and for her brothers and sisters.

Last October, the Sisters of Mary met Justa whilst working in her community. They were touched by her difficulties and thanks to our donors we were able to fund a place for her at their Girls school in Tanzania.

In January 2022, the Sisters welcomed Justa to Kisarawe Girls School where she is now happy and flourishing in her studies. With your support and the dedication of  the Sisters of Mary, Justa is building her confidence, developing new talents and she finally has a brighter future ahead of her.