Early life

Junior comes from a single parent family in Honduras. His mother works as a cleaner in a factory away from home and can only come home on weekends. Junior and his younger brother are in the care of his grandmother during the week.

Junior came to Amarateca Boystown in January 2024 and is receiving a quality education to help his family. He dreams of studying agricultural engineering and his favourite workshop is the welding workshop, where he learns to build and create.

Junior sits in a dental chair with an image in the top right hand corner of a close up of his teeth showing decay

Addressing tooth decay from poor nutrition

Junior has several teeth that are suffering decay from a diet that was poor in nutrients, due to his family living in extreme poverty with a limited diet.

This, coupled with no access to affordable dental treatment in the earlier stages of tooth decay and preventative care and dental hygiene products such as toothbrushes and toothpaste, mean that the decay in Junior’s teeth has advanced.

Now that he is with the Sisters of Mary, there is free dental care at Amarateca Boystown in their small dental clinic. but we need to help fund the treatment, as the clinic’s resources are stretched.


In order to address the decay, Junior requires extensive orthodontic treatment.

“I am so lucky and blessed to be here that the Sisters are helping me, so too with the donors and benefactors. I am so grateful with your unending help.”

Yonathan Amarateca, Honduras