A picture of Junillo with his wife and four children

Meet Junilo, graduate from Cavite boys’ school, Philippines, 1999

Junilo graduated from the Cavite boys’ high school in the Philippines in 1999. He went on to achieve a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree from STI College Makati in 2014. Having enjoyed a few job roles in technology, Junilo is now a software engineer in the Philippines.

Growing up in Quezon Province, Junilo’s family worked in farming which provided them with just enough basics to get by. However, he always dreamed of going to high school and was grateful when the opportunity came to study at the school in Cavite, which is run by the Sisters of Mary, an independent humanitarian institution who run and operate our programmes.

Junilo said: “Around ten of us from Quezon were chosen to attend high school in Adlas, most of us with only the shirts on our backs. Upon arrival we were provided with new clothes, shoes and school supplies. From the very first day to the last I loved my time learning and growing in Cavite, my memories of this time are filled with happy memories thanks to the generous benefactors who keep our school open.”

He continues: “From day one until our graduation day, each day was filled with memories, excellent memories. The whole stay was full of fun, learning and development – physical, mental and spiritual. There was never an idle or a dull moment for us – there was always something to do, something to keep us busy.”

Junilo loved studying, he particularly enjoyed the computer electronics lessons where he would assemble the hardware of the computer. As part of computer studies, Junilo also had typing lessons. He comments: “credit goes to our typing lessons. This has helped me a lot in my current job typing thousands of lines of codes for 11 years now and counting!”

Local manufacturing companies were aware of the quality education children received at the WVC school, so children were invited to interview a few months before graduation. This is where Junilo landed his the first job as a CAD Operator.

Junilo said: “I am very grateful of where I am today. Looking back, I can definitely say that I cannot be where I am today had it not been for the school and the Sisters. I was given a free high school education which taught me skills and values and opened doors for more opportunities.”