José smiling while sitting at a desk in class

I am José..

“…I live with my Grandparents, my aunt and with my elder sister, who is very special one (she can’t speak well nor understand well) my aunt takes good care of her.

My father had a motor accident when I was two years old. To that moment was my last contact with him. And unfortunately, when I turn five, also my mother had left us saying nothing, just she disappeared. I actually wanted to be with her but only I got a call last year and saw her through video call. I long to be with her someday. According to my aunt, she works and sends money for us. It’s our grandfather who is always at our side, he is a good carpenter. I learned from him but still I need to have more, more practice to be like him someday.

At this moment, I’m very contented to be with my new and awesome place to live on. This gives me new life, I with my other two companions from my community are having a very good moment here at the Sisters of Mary. Studying free, receiving all free, this is my very first time in my life. Thank you so much! I don’t have more words but I assure you in my prayers. Thanks a lot.”